Ardent Mills is ushering in a great new era for grain with the industry’s most extensive selection of flours, mixes, blends and specialty products. No matter what the application or need, Ardent Mills can offer the perfect solution.


It’s a basic truth of baking: The foundation of any first-rate baked good is a first-rate flour. That’s why accomplished bakers build their operations on a foundation of Ardent Mills’ time-tested products. After all, our bakery and traditional flours are anything but basic. Whether your goal is to make the country’s best hot dog bun, a hand-formed artisan baguette or the thinnest pizza crust around, we’ll provide you with the flour with just the right specifications and performance.


Remarkable nutritional benefits catapulted whole grains into the mainstream. Now let Ardent Mills, the industry leader in whole grain ingredients, help you deliver them to your customers. From traditional whole wheat flours to leading-edge innovations like Ultragrain®, Sustagrain®, and Sprouted White Whole Wheat flour, our ingredients’ great taste and functionality suit the full spectrum of whole grain product development. What’s more, our culinary and technical support is available to you from concept creation to commercialization. As your customers change the way they look at whole grains, our portfolio of products can help change the way you formulate with them.

Specialty Flours

Sometimes you need flour that provides more than just premium performance, whether you’re aiming for the lowest microbial counts in your frozen cookie dough, certified organic products or the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza. Ardent Mills’ suite of specialty flour products fills the gaps where standard varieties fall short of your formulation needs.


Whether you need to boost nutrition, add visual appeal or improve baking performance, inclusions can make all the difference when it comes to your finished products. Ardent Mills’ portfolio is ready to meet the challenge. From classic ingredients like vital wheat gluten to industry innovations like Wheat Aleurone, we’ve got the perfect inclusion to take your finished product to the next level.