Italian for “flour,” farina is made from the endosperm of the hard wheat kernel, milled down to form larger, hearty-looking particles.

Loaded with iron and always a consistent performer, it is typically used in hot cereals.


Freshly milled from specially selected durum wheat flour, our atta flour delivers two times the fiber of refined flour and meets traditional South Asian specifications for taste, appearance, texture and functionality.

Use it to deliver authentic taste and texture in a variety of flat breads including: chapati, puri, paratha and roti.

Brands available: Mumbai Gold Fresh Chakki Atta.


Italian-type 00 flours are renowned for their ability to create the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza, with its thin, crisp-yet-tender crust and heavenly taste. Ardent Mills is now creating our own version of this finely milled classic so you’ll never have to deal with the supply chain challenges of imports.

This unique flour is perfect for making delicious Italian-style pizza crusts (both thick and thin), as well as flatbreads (e.g., ciabatta, focaccia), bread sticks and crackers. It’s enriched and free of all treatments and additives. The high protein content of this flour creates a soft, supple dough that’s a dream to work with, both as a hand-stretched dough as well as a sheeted dough.

Our 00 flour offers great mixing tolerance and excellent water absorption, and works well with long fermentation.

Brands available: Primo Mulino.


A naturally heat-oxidized blend of hard and soft wheat that is more uniform, stable and has an extended shelf life.

NHO flour is ideal for any flour-based system that is normally subject to moisture degradation but in which extended shelf life is desired.


The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System from Ardent Mills is the state-of-the-art integrated production and distribution process for SafeGuard Flour. SafeGuard preserves gluten functionality and taste while reducing microbiological risk associated with raw flour.

The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System from Ardent Mills is not just a product or a process. It's a patent-pending, comprehensive, integrated solution that extends flour food safety assurance from our plant to yours. The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System provides:

  • The only functional flour on the market with up to a 5-log validated pathogen reduction that can be customized based on your specific product requirements.
  • The one-of-a-kind pathogen treatment that maintains absorption, starch quality, gluten vitality and enzyme activity.
  • A full line of flours intended for ready-to-eat applications that reduce food safety risk while maintaining the flavor, texture, appearance and performance your production team and consumers expect.
  • The gold standard and only option for delivering reduced micro, functional, high-quality flour in bulk; our integrated milling, treatment, storage and transportation system ensures maximum safety.