Food Safety

Food safety incidents and product recalls have lasting impacts on brands and consumer opinion. Ardent Mills food safety, engineering and packaging experts understand how raw materials behave in prepared-food systems. Let them field your questions about flour selection – including our SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System – packaging choices and anything in between.

Food safety questions? Let us help!

Flour Safety

Manufacturers and consumers understand the risks of eating unpasteurized or untreated farm products, like eggs or milk. Yet many don’t consider the risks posed by one of the most universal ingredients: flour. Flour is milled from wheat, which is grown outside where wildlife live and bacteria are present.

To remind consumers that flour is a raw ingredient, we print this food safety statement on all of our flour bags, “Flour is not a ready-to-eat food and must be thoroughly cooked before eating.” Unfortunately, many flour containing foods are still consumed raw or undercooked, which can be unsafe – and led Ardent Mills to develop SafeGuard Flours.

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What is SafeGuard?

The SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System from Ardent Mills is the state-of-the-art integrated production and distribution process for SafeGuard Flours – which reduces microbiological risk associated with raw flour and preserves the gluten functionality and taste.

Safeguard Flours are the only functional flours intended for ready-to-eat applications that provide:

  • Up to a 5-log validated pathogen reduction
  • Maintained functionality including, absorption, starch quality, gluten vitality and enzyme activity
  • The flavor, texture, appearance and performance expected by production teams and consumers

With SafeGuard’s integrated milling, treatment, storage and bulk transportation – Ardent Mills can extend flour food safety assurance from our plant to yours.